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Real time payments offer a fast, efficient way to transfer funds between individuals and businesses. They come with their own challenges and are not advantageous for all use cases.

What are real-time payments, and how important are they for merchants?

Real time payments offer offers a method to transfer funds in real time. They come with their own challenges and are not advantageous for all use cases.

This image showcases the essential components of biometric authentication security. It features a detailed biometric fingerprint, the universally recognized face ID symbol, a sturdy lock, and a symbolic credit card.

How does biometric authentication work and is it secure?

Biometric refers to biological measurements and calculations that rely on a person’s unique physical or behavioral characteristics to confirm identity.


What problems Link Money - Pay by Bank solves, and why merchants should care

Online payments have some glaring problems, despite modern innovations. In this post, we will talk about how pay by bank works and what makes it different.


Ecommerce payment preferences: are consumers looking for a change?

Ecommerce is rapidly evolving, payment options need to keep up. Don’t lag behind—merchants should be adaptable to flourish in today’s digital ecosystem.

Explore Link Money's strong commitment to customer satisfaction with the ACH Return Code Cover policy represented by an image of a firm handshake.

Link Money Covers Certain Return Codes. Why That's a Game-Changer for Businesses.

Discover Link Money's game-changing ACH return code coverage. Protect your business from financial loss and enjoy reliable payment processing.


Four kinds of fraud that you may be able to avoid by using Link Money

Innovative payment solutions like Link Money are less susceptible to certain types of fraud, giving businesses a way to safeguard their transactions.

a leaking bucket to represent a business losing customers

How to reduce involuntary churn: Two effective ways for recurring and subscription merchants

Involuntary churn — where a customer’s subscription ends due to reasons not of their own doing — accounts for 48% of of all churn for subscription businesses.

Picture of a bank with the words "open finance vs open banking" above it.

Understanding open finance vs. open banking

Sharing data between financial institutions and third-party providers is the goal of open finance and open banking: two related, yet distinct, topics.

What does open banking look like around the world in 2023?

Open banking in 2023: Progress around the world

A brief look at open banking, why payments is arguably the biggest and most imminent opportunity globally, and the state of some of the major markets.

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